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Frequently asked Questions

What is Fan Movement?

The FIFA Fan Movement (FM) is a global community of fans created in 2017.

The programme powered by FIFA is designed to amplify the voice of passionate football enthusiasts around the world to create the connection between the people and places where football lives and FIFA's responsibility to develop the game and make it truly global.

Between 2017 and 2020 we grew FM to include 987 passionate grassroots fans from more than 80 countries.

Why should I join Fan Movement?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate football. To be a part of a global movement - a group of passionate football fans who will lead and inspire change, conversation and joy in all parts of the world through the amazing game of football.

  • Are you aged sixteen or above?
  • Are you passionate about football in one or all of its forms?
  • Do you have the hunger to help develop the beautiful game of football?
  • Do you wish for your voice to be heard globally and at the heart of football?
  • Do you like to connect, meet and debate with other football fans from all over the globe?
  • Do you follow a club or a country with passion?
  • Are you a gamer? A freestyler? An artist? A vlogger?
  • Are you a football fan and a creator? Do you have an eye for content?
  • Do you live and breathe football on social media?

If you said yes to one (or more!) of these, Fan Movement could be for you.

Who else is in Fan Movement?

Other passionate football fans from all over the world. Fans of Men’s football, Women’s football, freestylers, gamers, grassroot players, referees, artists, journalists, vloggers, and even politicians… Fan Movement encourages conversations about all kinds of football, with and for all kinds of football enthusiasts.

What do I do when I’m in the Fan Movement?

The Fan Movement community managers will take you through the next steps once you join. You will be added to a bespoke community platform, a private Facebook Group and our Instagram page, joining other passionate football fans from all over the world. This is when the fun starts… You will be able to take part in conversations, challenges based on members’ various skills and linked to the latest football news, tournaments…

Do I get paid?

No, this is a fun, voluntary money-can’t-buy commitment centring around the concept of value exchange. An invite to join a global community of passionate football fans who will help to build the future of football.

Can my friends join it too?

Yes! If you think some of your friends would be interested and fit the profile, you can send them the website and suggest that they fill the form the same way you did. If you or your friends are not chosen to be a member of Fan Movement but would still like to be involved, you can still get involved by joining the extended networks of friends of FM. This would also give you access to exclusive news, prize draws, and surveys.

Will there be rewards?

For some specific challenges, “money can’t buy” rewards will be awarded to members, whether it is as part of a competition/challenge, or to reward members showing a real sense of community and driving conversations around #WeLiveFootball on the groups and on their Social Media channels. To see what some of the members were up to over the last few months, and some of the rewards, check the video on the homepage!

How many hours do I need to devote to this project every week?

This is not ‘work work’. We really want you to enjoy every second and not make you feel like you ‘have to’ do something. Depending on the challenge and how much content you want/wish to produce, we expect your time devotement will be no more than 2 hours per week. And again… There’s no obligation to take part in all challenges!

How do I join?

Simply fill the form on the homepage! See you there.

I want to leave the Fan Movement. Who should I contact?

We're sad you feel that way, but if you want to leave, please drop an email detailing the reason why at and we will take care of the rest. The full removal process takes about 10 days, and you will be notified once it’s complete.